In order to maintain the image and reputation of WANAB and protect your legal rights and interests, we promise that if you have any of the following quality problems when purchasing our products, please contact us within 7 days after receiving the goods, and clearly state the reason for the return. After verification, we will deal with it ASAP. A return complaint after this date will not be accepted.

Upon receipt of the item that needs to be returned, we will communicate with you via email and indicate whether the item is eligible for return.

The following are the conditions for return / exchange


  1. There are obvious damage on clothing (Not being damaged by any man-made factors)
  2. Obvious stains that cannot be washed off (not caused during transportation)
  3. Obvious asymmetry
  4. Broken zipper (Not being damaged by any man-made factors)

Under normal circumstances, the above problems are checked by our warehouse personnel according to various standards, which can guarantee the normal sale; our warehouse management personnel will also strictly check the clothing to be shipped before the official shipment and packaging. Even so, there is no guarantee that there is no quality problem listed above on every piece of clothing. If you still receive defective products, we apologise and will actively cooperate with the return.

● Unreturnable situation

  1. Line head, wrinkles, chromatic aberration problems;
  2. Does not affect the overall wearing of the shackles, such as: slight crochet, lining, corners, buttons and pins are not obvious at the opening line, the left and right are slightly sewed, the colors are different to pictures.
  3. There is a deviation between the actual size and the size chart. Due to the thickness of the fabric, the cutting, the measuring method, etc., it is unavoidable that there will be deviation. Due to different measurement methods, the size is subtle (within 2cm)
  4. The tag and label of the goods are damaged.
  5. The goods are used for a long time or are washed

● In case of any dispute, WANAB reserves the right to make the final decision on all goods.